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I first wrote this about a year and a half ago but then kind of pushed it aside when I got busy with work and boring old everyday life.

Title: Mirror Image, Chapter 1
Author: caedusthewicked
Fandom: Star Wars EU (and probably AU)
Characters: Tahiri Veila, OMC
Ratings: Rated PG-13 (later chapters may possibly be higher)
Word Count: 1180
Disclaimers: I do not own or profit from the Star Wars characters; this is fanfiction; all characters are over the age of 18.
Summary: Tahiri Veila is unsettled by a mysterious stranger who reminds her of someone from long ago.

Mirror Image, Chapter 1Collapse )
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06 February 2009 @ 12:28 pm
Who is cuter: Bret or Jemaine?

I don't know who these people are...
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10 November 2007 @ 09:01 pm
Behind Anakin, the longblaster boomed. He felt panic from Tahiri and turned to find her rushing into the grashal. A ball of fire followed her through the breach and exploded into the monolith standing there, and Tahiri went flying.

Anakin rushed to help, but she was up before he took two steps. “Magma spitters! We’re cut off.”

Anakin did not bother to look. “Tekli?”

Tahiri pointed behind him, where the Chadra-Fan was sprinkling stinksalts on Tesar’s forked tongue. The Barabel was smiling, but not waking.

“Take him . . . and go.” Every word filled Anakin’s belly with fire. He pointed toward the others. “You may need to cut a way out.”

“ ‘You’?” Tahiri said. “I’m not going---“

“Do it!” Anakin snapped. When Tahiri’s face fell, he spoke more gently. “You need . . . to help Tekli. I’ll be along.”

“Yes, Tahiri,” Tekli said. She cast a knowing glance at Anakin, then kneeled astride the Barabel and began to slap him. “Tesar is not responding. I cannot move him and work on him both.”

Tahiri looked doubtful, but could hardly refuse to help. Blinking back a tear, she stretched up to kiss Anakin on the lips---then caught herself and shook her head. “No---for that, you have to come back.”

Anakin gave her his best lopsided smile. “Soon, then.”

“Soon,” Tahiri repeated. “May the Force be with you.”

This second part, she added so quietly that Anakin did not think she meant him to hear it. All too aware of the growing weakness in his legs, he went to the makeshift doorway and peered around the edge. An artillery squad had set up beyond the thorn hedge, their four magma spitters trained on the opening. No one was attempting to move closer, which meant the main force would be attacking from the other side. Anakin turned toward the primary entrance and focused on what he felt through the lambent crystal. It did not surprise him at all to sense a heavy Yuuzhan Vong presence streaming in from the ambush site.
07 November 2007 @ 07:56 am
The depletion alarm sounded, just loud enough to be heard over the crackling flames above. The Yuuzhan Vong presence was closer now, eager. Flinging the useless blaster aside, he plucked his lightsaber from his belt and thumbed it to life, brought it into a cross-body guard---caught an amphistaff descending toward his head. Eyes still squeezed shut against the brilliant glare above, he swung his legs around and scissored his attacker’s knees. The contest ended in a quick lightsaber thrust.

The flames crackled out. Anakin opened his eyes and saw yellow glow lichen shining bright, the last wisps of vapor cloud evaporating into the hot air. He lay there for a long time, taking stock of his condition, trying to fight off his anguish. It took five full breaths to establish that the pain was caused only by his old wound, ten heartbeats more to bring it under control.

Gradually, Anakin grew aware of the battle meld again, of the strike team’s mounting elation. Pushing his agony aside, calling on the Force, he lifted himself to his feet. The Jedi were advancing on the left side of the grashal, driving back the last handful of shapers and guards, slashing nutrient vines and cloning pods as they went. Through the pulsing tangle of stalks, he could not see what they were hunting---but he could feel it, over by the grashal wall, trapped a little below floor level, unsettled, wild, ferocious. Afraid.
04 November 2007 @ 07:58 am
A smug Yuuzhan Vong presence drew Anakin’s attention to the next planting bin. Rolling from his hiding place, he saw a dark figure leaping across the aisle ahead, amphistaff poised to strike. He lifted his power blaster . . . and pitched forward as a razor bug sliced across his neck from behind, vibro-sharp mandibles gliding off his jumpsuit’s armored lining. The insect banked and came back, pincers stretching for his face. Anakin pivoted and took a cheek slash, fired at his original target.

The bolt caught the Yuuzhan Vong in a shoulder seam and spun him around. An arm flew off trailing the smell of scorched flesh, but the warrior did not even scream. He just pirouetted and, now swinging one-armed, brought his amphistaff down.

Anakin’s razor bug came around again, this time slashing for the throat, and he had to turn away. Behind him, Tesar’s lightsaber snapped to life and sputtered harshly. Anakin blocked with the body of the power blaster, then took a pair of thud bugs in the flank and slammed to the floor. He heard the dull thump of an amphistaff hitting a thick reptilian skull, and the flow of strength trailed off as the Barabel plummeted into insensibility.

Anakin did not consciously fire his power blaster. He was too busy reaching up into the darkness, searching for falling grenades. How many seconds left? The power blaster just flashed and Tesar’s attacker crashed to the floor.

Anakin found what he was looking for and pushed. A ripple of danger sense made him roll away as the razor bug crashed to the floor where his head had been. He hammered the thing dead, then heard the telltale crackle of the grenade detonations. Hoping he would still be there when the sound fell silent, he closed his eyes and reached out to find his attacker through the lambent crystal.

Not easy---too many Yuuzhan Vong in too many places---but he felt something off to his left. He spun and fired.
03 November 2007 @ 09:12 pm
This song has been stuck in my head all day. I looked up the lyrics because it's hard to understand the words sometimes.

Nothin' Better To Do by LeAnn Rimes

Hung my cotton dress on rusted wire
Up there on Pilahatchee Bridge
Just a crazy roughneck's daughter
Jumped head-first into the water
Baptized away my sins

Hitched to town with Bobby Jo and Tommy
Couple of lookers, new best friends
We slipped in the back of Sunday service
Know them church ladies, they heard us
Bum smoke money from the offering

Mama said, "Idle hands are Devil's handywork"
Oh, the trouble you'll get into
You got nothin' better to do, got nothin' better to do
You got nothin' better to do, got nothin' better to do

Oh, yeah

That Slim-Jim bag boy hadn't a prayer
Well I hiked my skirt and did the talkin'
While them boys were busy walkin'
Case of .5 out the back door

Hid deep in the Mississippi backwoods
We danced and played around 'til dark
Well I had them wrestlin' for my first kiss
Turned into a fight and they missed
Me speeding off in Tommy's car

Mama said, "Idle hands are Devil's handywork"
Oh, the trouble you'll get into
You got nothin' better to do, got nothin' better to do
You got nothin' better to do, got nothin' better to do

Nobody hurt, nobody harmed
Nobody's busines but my own

Mama said, "Idle hands are Devil's handywork
Oh, the trouble you'll get into!"
You got nothin' better to do, got nothin' better to do
You got nothin' better to do, got nothin' better to do
You got nothin' better to do, got nothin' better to do
You got nothin' better to do, got nothin' better to do


Oh, yeah
Got nothin' better to do, babe
Got nothin' better to do
You got nothin' better to do, babe
Ya got nothin' better to do, no no
Got nothin' better to do!
Ya got nothin' better to do, no no
Got nothin' better to do!
You got nothin' better to do, no no!
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02 November 2007 @ 11:08 pm
I'm starting to post excerpts from Star By Star by Troy Denning at lb_anakinsolo. The excerpts begin right before Anakin Solo's death.

~~~Excerpt from Star By Star by Troy Denning, of events leading up to Anakin Solo’s death.~~~

Anakin left Tahiri and Tekli at the breach with Alema’s longblaster and followed his sister into the grashal. It was like stepping into a Yavin 4 nightstorm, a dark fog hanging overhead, glow lichen up there somewhere casting sallow halos, blaster bolts and lightsabers flashing like colored lightning---and the humid air muffling the scream and roar of combat, making all that death seem more distant than it was.

Anakin spun out from behind the door block and batted a razor bug from the air, found himself staring through a jungle of pulsing white vines, their corkscrew stalks rising out of planting bins filled with briny-smelling mud. The Yuuzhan Vong were ahead everywhere, their presence too dispersed and indistinct to tell him much. A pair of thud bugs sent him diving for cover. He exchanged his lightsaber for the power blaster and came up firing.

The first shots left him so light-dazzled he glimpsed only a dark shape on the opposite side of the bin, diving for cover. He spun around the end of the box, heard the snap-his of an igniting lightsaber, then Tesar Sebatyne’s familiar hissing. The Yuuzhan Vong had thrown his last bug.

Anakin reached out with the Force and found the rest of the strike team taking heavy swarm, pinned down in the darkness. Easy enough to fix. He reached for his incendiary grenades, but felt Tesar already lifting three objects into the dark fog overhead.
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16 August 2007 @ 10:38 am
Hmmmmm, I'm not doing a very good job with keeping up with my journal, am I. There has just been too much going on during the summer but not enough time for the enjoyable things.

I'm on leave from my job this month. Yaaaaaay! But I don't get paid so that kind of hurts but I needed a break so bad. And it's already over have finished!!! What the hell have I been doing?
04 April 2007 @ 07:13 am

There's been too many worries lately. I'm growing a permanent frown line between my eyebrows. I need...peace. That's a good word. Everything calm and drifty. Enjoy my day instead of running through it madly trying to fix everything and it ending in the same tangled mess as when I began.

How do you like my icon? I forgot who made it, the info's on the userpic page, but it really cheered me up. Sammy staring at Dean's crotch. *Giggle* Bad little wincestery thoughts runny through my head. Hey...I made a new word.

Happy late birthday to Alec Guinness. He's 93...can you imagine being 93? I wonder if his health is still good?
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This is one of my favorite Vader and Luke stories and the latest chapter is posted at ff.n.

Chasing Dreams, Chapter 12 by Becky Tailweaver

You can get to the prologue and other chapters through this link too.

Luke is still the innocent farm boy in this story, so sure Vader murdered his saintly father. Poor Vader wants to claim him but knows if he attempts to Luke will be devastated.
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15 February 2007 @ 11:29 pm
Okay, life is good. I got my Supernatural fix for the week. Due to the sucky previews of this show which made it look like some B movie from the 50's, I was a little uncertain at first about it. But the writers hit on all those little kinks...the boys getting on each others nerves with all their little nitpicky thinnggs. The Impala, Sam's nagging and Dean's food thing. Ummm...the food thing was kind of gross. Could have done with a little more detailed version of the two boys wrestling around...yeah, I know I've got a perverted mind.
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